jeudi 28 mars 2024 14:00
Hôtel des ventes Douai , 45, rue du Gouvernement 59500 Douai
Sale information

Jewelry and jewelry

Terms and conditions of sale

Sale of gold coins, gold and silver jewelry, costume jewelry and silverware

Pieces sold by designation, not on display and kept at the bank.

Special conditions

Delivery of lots to the auction house is by appointment only - 03 27 96 41 22

Mailboxes (objects), Art Transports Bernard (furniture) or DTLM (objects and furniture) are able to provide a quotation: - Tel: 03 74 09 52 12 - Tel: 06 88 20 91 49 - Tel: 06 98 58 23 72

It is also possible to pick up your lots in Paris at the Groupe Rougemont on prior request by e-mail to the auction house at the following address

The cost of transfer to Rougemont varies according to the size and packing constraints of the lots. Furniture and objects that are too bulky are excluded.

We make one drop-off per month at Rougemont. We can only drop off items once payment for transport has been confirmed. For urgent shipments, please use a carrier of your choice.

Terms of payment :

Payment in cash up to €1,000, bank transfer and credit card (no single checks).

Any default or delay in payment will result in an entry in the TEMIS file, which will prohibit access to auction sales (Cf. exhaustive sales conditions).

Sales conditions